About The Spirited Artist

I have always loved painting, drawing and photography but due to a well-intentioned (I’d like to think) Art Teacher in Grade 13 I didn’t pick it up again until I was diagnosed with an illness in 2016. There is no doubt in my mind that art- and the motion of Being creative and imaginative has saved my life twice! Once in childhood and once more recently.

I strive towards having a “beginners mind” with my art and I have learned that before the colors are chosen, or even which canvas is known I say a prayer-an affirmation of sorts that Spirit will join me and that we can co-create together. I always know that Spirit is there when I “think” I need a particular color or need to mess with it in some way but can’t find it, and then…voila! Just when I am ready to walk away from the painting, there will lie the color or tool that I have been looking for!

I love to choose the colors I will use; however, beyond that I simply get in touch with my spirit and let whatever the inspiration is take over. It’s a very organic process ; not only with how I approach my art spiritually but also due to the mediums that will often react in ways that are unexpected, which is what I love about working them! I regularly experiment with all mediums and various techniques; but mostly I love working with acrylics, inks and resin.

Art has had and continues to have a profound impact on my life and I love sharing what I create with others and hope you enjoy browsing through my site. I am joyful that you came by to hear my story…and I look forward to hearing yours!

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